As we keep growing in the eCommerce domain, thanks to all our customers for believing in us, we have decided to add some adventure to intrigue all our customers looking for adventure while hunting down treasures.

The BLACK BOX is anything that has mysterious or unknown content or mechanisms. BLACK BOX series is one of the lines of series product offering from e4cents, developed with our customers in mind to create excitement while adding great value to customers with maximum benefits intriguing their curiosity while they are shopping on our website. 


The Black Box will contain a variety of useful products and essentials needed by students and all individuals shopping on our website for their daily studying requirements, this collection will comprise boxes categorized into Electronics, Gaming, Fitness, Pets, Home, and study essentials.

The benefits the Black Box provides to customers are highly extensive, which ranges from the exceptionally low price of items to the satisfaction of surprises that comes along with the purchase, which includes loyalty programs and membership discounts on future purchases.

E4cents core value revolves around sustainability and zero wastage policy, which has been embedded into the business model and also reflects on every product offering. The Black Box brings value to customers by giving them much more than the value paid for while also adhering to the zero waste policy of reducing the number of products that goes to waste at landfills.


Each box that is sold reduces about 2.5kg of Carbon emission into the atmosphere, the more we allocate the usage of products to the right hands the better it reduces Global Warming.