Every summer is a time for full productivity, achievements, outdoorsy more importantly fun. The past 2 years have been less summer due to the pandemic and global issues going on around the world. This year is promising to be a great summer with loads of activities, events and trips to be made. So much fun waiting to be unraveled this year, this is why we have taken time to put together a highly crucial list of items from our store to make your summer a memorable one.

We have decided to break this down properly to your typical day during the summer period. This list will blow your mind because it is essentially the basic items we overlook but crucial to our day to day life.



Imagine waking up to a beautiful sunny morning, where you give your gratitude and say your prayers, its a lovely day like no other, the smell of fresh air is awesome, you need to get down to your daily excersice, yoga meditation etc.


1). Reehut Yoga Blocks 2-PC

 You will need these High-Density EVA Foam Blocks to Support and Deepen Poses. Greatly needed for meditation, yoga, excersice, body stretch etc. this revitalise your body and gets you ready to face the day. Through research, it been found to be one of the most effective ways to stretch the body and do some yoga poses that heals your postures while rejuvenating you.


2). Yoga Stretcher -

You can as well throw in some stretchers or bands, this comes in different shapes and sizes that help in daily routine light and heavy exercise in your home.

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3)Hamilton Beach Burr Coffee Grinder -

After stretching and gaining the energy needed, you might want to have some coffee, to help you stay focused energized, and productive for the day. early morning coffee is nonnegotiable, and having your own grinder is one of the best things you can do for your summer.

Hamilton beach a burr coffee grinder is a versatile machine that boasts an adjustable burr grinding system that can grind your beans from extra-fine to coarse and everything in between. It boasts a one-touch operation and grinds exactly enough beans for the number of cups you want to brew. 

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4) Sneaker Shoes - 

Whatever you want to do this summer or wherever you want to go, investing in a pair of sneakers will be a great idea as you want to be as light and fast as a lightning bolt while moving around. With less effort and a great pair of sneakers, you are ready to start your day as you become unstoppable moving swiftly between obstacles. 

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As you go in the summer, you find yourself having adventures, trying new things visiting new places, there's always a need to keep yourself connected to be productive, to be connected you need power. Either you find yourself in the office space or in the woods camping with friends and loved ones. there are tech gadgets that keep you connected and powered up. 

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6) E- Scooter-

No doubt you've had great fun in the past, this summer you need to try the e-scooter with your loved ones in a safe neighborhood, it's an experience that lingers. The e-scooter is not just for mobility but a way to bond with your environment which is 100% green and environment friendly. Check out our 10 Inch Tire Electronic 350W 36V 15AH Mobility Scooters 80km Electric Scooter for an unforgettable summer experience.

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From the forecast earlier this year, we already know this summer is gonna be scorching hot with one of the highest heatwaves in the history of our time. It is vital to have this temperature and climate control gadgets handy wherever you are. The smaller and more handy they are the better. Find a wide range of mobile air-conditioners, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers useable either at home or camping in the woods.




Spring / Summer comes with alot of insects and pests. If you will be camping this summer our USB powered electronic mosquito repellant/killer will ensure you have a great night rest. 

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